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Garritt of Select Electric with Loomis CA Fire Department

Select Electric Client Testimonials

Dear Garritt,
Thank you so much for being a part of Christmas in April for the Puckett family.  It was truly a wonderful gift and a tremendous success.  You were an integral part of the success!
-Sheri & The Pucketts

Thank you for all of the great work you did for my house.  I especially appreciate how hard you worked to get things done on my crazy schedule.
Ken C.

Again, thanks for a superb installation of the ceiling fans.  Just before the hot weather!  You are such a wonderful person and we appreciate all of your help!
John M.

Dear Garritt,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your quick response time on Thursday, May 30th, when we experienced a low voltage situation in various areas at the Corporation Yard.  This was an emergency situation because it affected the gas station in the rear of the yard, which services all the City vehicles.  Your quick response, identification of the problem and repair allowed us to continue operation with minimal interruption.
Don J.
Parks & Facilities Operations Manager

Hi Samantha,
When you have a few minutes, can you please send us some of Garritt’s business cards?  We absolutely love the lighting work he did!  Yesterday the cabinet maker installed the hutch and was very impressed with the way Garritt did the wiring for that and also asked for his card.  And then today, my friend took the last card I had.  She loved the lights in the great room.  Needless to say, we are showing off the work.
Please give our best to Garritt and let him know how pleased we are.
Again, thanks,
Kay G.

Dear Samantha & Garritt,
Thanks so much for all your great work at the cabin.  Ann and I were just amazed. 
Carol D.

Every time our boys stick their fingers in an outlet, I’ll think of you!  Thanks for all your wonderful work.

Mr. G,
Thanks again for all your excellent work.  We appreciate the “workmanship” and professionalism you display.  Besides that all the lights work!  Prepare for phase 2, the return of “G”.

Thank you so much for your great work!  You are a blessing!
-Tom & Cindy

Thanks for all of your help in getting this job done!  We appreciate your professional manner and workmanship.
-Adrienne S.

Hey Garritt!
Thanks for the great lights!  We love them and you do great work.  Hey, thanks for vacuuming my house too!  Wow, I felt like the housekeeper had just been there.  Everything looks so neat! 
Thanks again for the great work.
Talk to you soon,

Dear Garritt,
Thank you so much for your help with installing Placer School footlights-they were a BIG success!  We gave your business a “plug” on show night-hopefully your help will be beneficial to your business as well!  Can we call on you again to help with further improvements?
Lots of appreciation,
-Anita A.

Hey Garritt-
Thank you again so much.  Everything looks great and I love the dimmers and decisions you made. 
-Joanie S.

Again, thank you for being so thorough at checking the wires.  I really appreciate your hard work.
-Lisa P.

Thank you so much for taking care of the breaker/dryer problem-you are a sweetheart!
-Rachelle H.

Hi Garritt-
Thank you again so much!  I sincerely appreciate all you did.  I’ll be calling you again, hopefully sooner rather than later!
Take Care,

Mr. Electrican,
Thank you so much for installing the fans.  Without your help, we would not be able to cool down or see when it’s dark. 
Sarah P.
Age 8

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